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welcome to fishmoon dot com

             graphic "moon in pisces"
if there is something like the sound of silence, how can we hear it ?
left to the process of anticipation, our imagination is the major tool, to evolute our ability to hear.
sensations in our ears make us rise, dynamic impulse keeps us alive.
there is no big and bright sound without small and mellow ones.
as we never walked on a flat earth, try to imagine there is more than a scale of 12 notes or
a volume and measurable loudness of  0 + 1000 x watts.
Don't just listen to the universe !  Listen and feel ! -
another analogy of "Moon in Pisces"
for us the universe is neverending space,
but it might be just another little box watched from a different angle,
the same with space-music :
a little instrument can make huge sound,
and the loudest Metal-band might produce a very small sound.

This is a project of the german guitarist and producer
axel manrico heilhecker.

check out his fishmoon - releases and visit his other pages !

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